Fitness Circuit Review – Plenty of motivation to get moving

Reviewed May 27, 2023 on Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch


May 26, 2023


Spike Chunsoft



Fitness Circuit is a fitness game for Nintendo Switch developed by Jupiter Corporation and published by Spike Chunsoft and Exfit. It comes with a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode.

In the vein of other fitness games like Ring Fit Adventure, Fitness Boxing, and Knockout Home Fitness, Fitness Circuit revolves around performing workout moves while holding Nintendo Switch controllers to track your movements. Based on the super circuit training principle, Fitness Circuit features short-burst workout routines that alternate between strength exercises and cardio. The game has two core modes to choose from: Daily Circuit, which is a daily workout that changes every day, and Custom Circuit, which allows players to structure their workouts themselves. Custom Circuit also comes with a single-player and multiplayer mode.

When you first boot up Fitness Circuit, you’ll have the option to create a personal profile. This profile is based on your weight, height, and BMI, and allows you to track your workout record and a ‘body chart’, tracking any changes in your weight from the day you start playing. You can track your overall workout time and calories burned, and you can unlock titles after workouts that you can add to your profile. The personal profile’s data might not be particularly useful – research has shown that the BMI is an ineffective tool at best, for example – and its focus on weight instead of fitness is not ideal. Filling in the personal profile is optional, however, so players are able to enjoy the game without sharing these details.

Before you get stuck into the game’s core exercise offerings, Fitness Circuit will prompt you to complete a five-minute warm-up. Much like warm-ups in Ring Fit Adventure, a warm-up in Fitness Circuit consists of a short video featuring gentle stretches that you can do without the Joy-Cons. The game prompts you with a video for a five-minute cooldown at the end of a workout, too. Stretches are straightforward and clearly explained, which helps to lower the threshold of completing the warm-up and cooldown, especially when you’re feeling tired and are inclined to skip it.

Once the warm-up is complete, you’re ready to dive into Fitness Circuit properly. Practically, a workout in Fitness Circuit consists of six ‘workout events’. Each event corresponds to a specific exercise move and, similar to Ring Fit Adventure, players complete each event in a linear fashion. Usually, a set will take about one minute to complete and, depending on the number of sets, you can choose to take breaks between events, or skip breaks altogether. Before each event, you’ll be able to run through a short demonstration segment to learn how to do the exercise move correctly.

“… a great way to squeeze some exercise into a busy day.”

During workouts, you’ll be training together with a ‘runner’. Much like the avatars in games like Fitness Boxing and Ring Fit Adventure, the runner is a virtual trainer who can help keep you motivated during exercises. Your avatar will complete onscreen tasks, like running the length of a track, while you tackle exercise moves. Your avatar’s speed and power will depend on how accurately you complete the exercises. The more moves you nail, the more exercise points you’ll collect, powering your runner in the process. Completing an event within forty-five seconds will earn you extra points. Once a workout wraps up, you can use the exercise points you’ve collected to unlock new events and titles for your personal profile.

The game comes with more than forty exercises to choose from. Once you’ve unlocked new exercises, you’ll be able to use them in Custom Circuit mode when you put together your own workouts. The game also allows you to sort exercises by muscle group and difficulty; all moves include a one to three-star difficulty rating. Using this system, you can mix and match different exercises, along with the desired number of sets, based on your personal fitness level and desired exercise intensity. If there are any exercises you struggle with, the game also allows you to exclude them from any workout in the game, which helps players tailor workouts to their needs. Added to this, the game’s multiplayer mode allows players to complete their custom workouts together. Up to four players can play together at any given time, with their runners going up against each other when completing a challenge.

Runner-wise, the game comes with six different avatars to choose from – three female and three male – with all of them voiced by popular anime actors, both in English and Japanese. The female runner named Naomi, for example, is voiced by popular VO actress Kana Hanazawa in Japanese, and by Emi Lo in English. It is disappointing that all avatars are heavily gendered and wear skin-tight bodysuits, and that there are no gender-neutral avatar options. Some players might find these inflexible binary options restrictive and uncomfortable to choose from.

All in all, however, Fitness Circuit is a great way to work out at home. While the personal profile may not be the best exercise tracking tool, with plenty of exercise moves to choose from, Fitness Circuit offers a large number of options when it comes to customising workouts. This level of customisation, in turn, makes it a great fit for a broad range of players with different exercise needs. With workouts potentially being as short as ten minutes, Fitness Circuit is a great way to squeeze some exercise into a busy day. Added to this, the game’s multiplayer mode adds a unique way to exercise with friends, which can be useful for folks who benefit from exercising with a buddy.




  • Workouts can be as short as ten minutes, making it easy to fit into a busy lifestyle
  • Over forty different exercise moves to choose from
  • Multiplayer mode is a great way to stay motivated


  • Focus on weight and BMI instead of fitness is not ideal
  • Heavily gendered runner avatars may not appeal to all players

With a changing Daily Circuit mode and a Custom Circuit mode offering players different ways to structure their workouts, Fitness Circuit is a great fit for players with different exercise needs. The personal profile’s focus on weight and BMI may not be ideal, however, it is fortunately optional. If you’re keen on a Switch game that helps you fit a quick workout into a busy day, Fitness Circuit is worth checking out.