Steam has launched their LGBTQ+ game sale

Posted on October 14, 2019

Steam has launched their LGBTQ+ game sale with a huge amount of games containing queer themes or developed by queer teams being highlighted. The sale coincides with National Coming Out Day which occurs on October 11th. The day is a celebration of queer people and a reminder that coming out can be a powerful tool for social change.

Steam’s sale helps highlight some truly amazing games, including some titles that don’t normally get enough visibility or awareness. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the awesome discounts we can get for the next few days.

There are some games here that have already gotten quite a lot of deserved attention such as the Life is Strange series or Dream Daddy. These are powerfully inclusive titles and if you haven’t played them yet, now is the perfect opportunity. Tacoma is also on sale and it brings about an impressive level of uniqueness and wit. All 3 games excel at telling queer stories and they all benefit from their strong writing, characterisations, and intelligence. Dream Daddy is also 69% off… so how can you not be tempted.

Other notable titles include Night in the Woods, Monster Prom, and The Red Strings Club. Yet again it’s the well written characters that reign supreme here with some wonderfully diverse people passionately creating these projects and injecting their unique perspectives into the games. If you can’t fall in love with these characters then you aren’t giving them enough time.

It’s good to give some love to the little guy as well. Ticket to Earth is a standout for me on this list. Developed by a local team here in Melbourne, the game not only manages to tell a beautiful narrative with diverse characters, but it’s straight up one of the best mobile games I have ever played. Newfound Courage is another Aussie game, this one using a gorgeous pixel art style that helps depict a touching narrative about a gay teen falling in love with his best friend.

Quite honestly there’s so many amazing games in the Steam LGBTQ+ sale that I can’t possibly name them all. But you should give the games a browse here and you may just discover something you like. It’s great to see Steam give these games more visibility and it hopefully encourages more gamers to pick up and try these awesome titles.

The sale will only run for the next few days so get to it!