Saints Row 4: Re-Elected begins a second term on the Nintendo Switch

Posted on February 5, 2020

Saints Row 4: Re-Elected, the best American President simulator since Metal Wolf Chaos, has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. As with the Switch version of Saints Row the Third, the port will include all of Saints Row 4’s DLC, including its story expansions How the Saints Saved Christmas and Enter the Dominatrix.

Saints Row 4 was originally released in 2013. It continued the series’ steady journey towards absolute lunacy by becoming a superhero game where the President of the United States defends humanity from an alien invasion. It received some controversy around its release when it was briefly refused classification in Australia due to ‘alien narcotics’ and an ‘Alien Anal Probe’. Fortunately, an edited version of the game was eventually released on store shelves.

There is no word on if the series’ infernal spin-off Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell will be heading to the Nintendo Switch. Considering that Saints Row 3 and 4 are on the system, it seems likely. Saints Row 4: Re-Elected will release on the Nintendo Switch on March 27 2020.

saints row 4

In the meantime, THQ Nordic have announced last year that they are “deep in development” of a new Saints Row entry. It will still likely be a while before we find out more about the future of the series. At least until then, Switch owners can experience the latest entry in the franchise in preparation for Saints Row 5.