DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is a social romp with fighting gameplay

Posted on February 18, 2021

During the Nintendo Direct stream on 18 February 2021, an all-new DC Comics game was revealed. DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power will release on the Nintendo Switch in June 2021.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power seems to combine social and fashion games with the beat-em-up gameplay of action games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 or a simpler version of DC Universe Online. The game is set around a handful of superheroes from the popular cartoon DC Super Hero Girls – including Barbara Gordan as Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Bumblebee, and Super Girl.

The game lets players go “shopping with your besties after school, sharing photos on Superstapost, and then defending the city when justice calls“. DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is set in Metropolis, and when it is in danger, it’s up to the superhero teens to team up and take down the evil villains – with a light sprinkle of Persona socialising.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power flies onto Nintendo Switch 4 June 2021. Want more information on the hottest DC Super Hero Girls goss? Make sure to follow us on social media and listen to our radio podcast on JOY 94.9.