Halo Infinite developers warn against spoilers after campaign details leak

Posted on August 1, 2021

The long-delayed Microsoft exclusive Halo Infinite finally showed off a preview build this week to give a select number of Xbox Series X/S and PC players a sneak peek at things to come. Unfortunately, some players might have gotten too much of a peek, as savvy data-miners have unearthed spoilers for the game’s campaign, that are now floating around the internet. Developer 343 Industries has cautioned players to keep an eye out for them and to not spread them around.

“Hey folks, heads up: we unintentionally included a small number of #HaloInfinite campaign files in the tech preview build. Unfortunately, these files contain spoilers,” stated Head of Creative for Halo Infinite Joe Staten on Twitter. “Leaks like this are painful for the dev team and can ruin the campaign experience for everyone. So please, keep your eyes peeled for spoilers and don’t spread them if you see them.”

Halo Infinite Community Director Brian Jarrard also warned community members about sharing the data-mined plot spoilers online. “IMPORTANT: Please don’t post data-mined content to your channels!” he tweeted. “You run a very real risk of getting a takedown notice, which could result in a strike on certain platforms. If you have already posted content, we recommend removing it from your channel proactively.”

It’s unfortunate that the plot spoilers leaked, although important details of upcoming games going accidentally public is not uncommon. Both Super Smash Bros: Ultimate and Pokémon Sword and Shield saw their rosters leaked ahead of their full releases. While it is understandable for players to be curious, it is inconvenient for those that want to dive into the latest Halo instalment without knowing what to expect. Hopefully fans that would prefer to avoid spoilers are able to stay away from them before the game’s eventual full release in the final quarter of 2021.