World Land Trust Charity Bundle offers 66 games for AU$7

Posted on December 7, 2021

Ever feel bad about buying even more video games when you already have such a hefty backlog? How about spending at least $7 on an bundle to help World Land Trust save the environment and also receive 66 games in return? When buying these games at full price (and not donating to a charity) it would cost nearly $500! Makes you feel less guilty for indulging, hey?

World Land Trust is an organisation that is working towards conserving the world’s most at risk and biologically significant environments. They even have the support of everyone’s favourite natural historian, David Attenborough. Plant Based Gaming is a community-led project that has organised this bundle. Their aim is to not only help with conserving natural environments but also to put a spotlight on indie games that have themes that resonate with their philosophy; therefore, games that appreciate caring for nature and the environment.

So, what games are contained in this bundle? There are a number of quality indies in the pack, including many cute narrative-focused games, such as the coffee making/D&M simulator, Coffee Talk, and Adelaide-based hacking sim Hacknet. One of the highlights of the bundle would have to be Melbourne made Dap, which is an action-adventure horror where you have to protect and gather up little white ghost-like figures called Daps. Usually $20 on Steam, but for the next few days, it’s yours to own as part of the bundle.

You may not have heard of any of these games and that’s the very cool thing about these bundles, they give gamers the opportunity to experience indies that they may never have come across. I’m personally eyeing up the punk rock-inspired short game, Teenage Blob, as well as the interactive novel about a trip to the afterlife, What Comes After.

Already the bundle has skyrocketed past their initial goal of $20,000, having raised nearly $50,000 to date. That figure is growing rapidly, which is no surprise as past bundles, such as the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality raised over 8 million dollars with 50% of profits going towards NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the other 50% going to Community Bail Fund.

The World Land Trust Bundle is available now via until the 10th of December. The minimum price is $5USD which works out to about $7.11 AUD. You can always pay extra if you want to contribute more to the World Land Trust. So, if you don’t hear from me for a while, don’t organise a search party, I’ll just be head deep into these 66 amazing indie titles!