Pokémon Center Online Store is coming to Australia and New Zealand

Posted on May 16, 2024

Get excited PokéFans! The official Pokémon Center Online Store will soon be available for Australian and New Zealand customers. Currently, the online Pokémon Center Store is available in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., and once it becomes available for Australians, fans will be able to purchase official Pokémon merchandise.

According to the official Pokémon press site, the Australian and New Zealand store will have a soft launch and a release date will be announced on a later date. Trainers are encouraged to sign up for the store’s official newsletter on the official site if they want to hear updates on the store’s regional opening. The Pokémon Company International’s senior director of Pokémon Center and e-commerce, Cindy Ruppenthal commented on the latest news, stating that they’re looking forward to expanding the Pokémon Center Online Store to more regions and are grateful towards the Pokémon community for their love and support.

Pokémon Center Online Store

“Since its initial launch in the U.S. nearly 10 years ago, Pokémon Center has become a fan-favorite destination for Trainers looking to engage with the Pokémon brand and express their fandom in ways that suit their unique interests. We remain committed to delivering a diverse selection of high-quality Pokémon merchandise to as many Trainers as possible, and following successful expansions into Canada and the U.K., are continuing this mission by bringing our e-commerce offerings to Australia and New Zealand. We are incredibly grateful to the community for their continuous support and love for Pokémon Center, allowing us to expand into additional regions and bring the joy of Pokémon to more Trainers around the world.”

Australia has been getting the right end of the stick when it comes to Pokémon releases. It was one of the first countries to have access to Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sleep before its U.S. counterparts. Unfortunately, if you’re after rare merch, the Pokémon Center online stores are region-locked and visitors outside North America and the U.K. won’t be able to access the page.

Once the store opens in Oceania, Australians and Kiwis will finally have access to other exclusive merch, such as plushies, homewares, and other collectables that are usually unavailable in local game stores.