8 massive PlayStation console exclusive games still yet to release

Posted on February 1, 2019

The PlayStation 4 has been a powerhouse for console exclusive titles ever since inception. Last year we got some unbelievable games such as God of War, Spider-Man and Detroit: Become Human, all of which made it into our top 10 games of the year. So how does Sony follow up such an incredible 2018? Let’s take a look at the PlayStation console exclusive games that are still yet to arrive for the PlayStation 4.

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Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall is the next game from Platinum Games, which is the studio that previously released beloved titles such as the Bayonetta series and Nier Automata. They are also working on Bayonetta 3¬†alongside development on Babylon’s Fall, so it’s a busy time for the studio. Babylon’s Fall is set to be their next game release however and it’s coming to PS4 and PC. Whilst we don’t know much about this game, Platinum fans are no doubt still very excited.

Platinum have a bit of a pedigree when it comes to game development. Their games are beloved and the studio is revered for their ability to consistently release interesting and fun titles. Just have a look at how disappointed fans were when Platinum’s dragon game Scalebound was cancelled. So even though we don’t know anything about Babylon’s Fall outside of this teaser trailer, we’re still super excited to see what’s coming. The game is set to arrive sometime in 2019.


Days Gone

Days Gone is mere months away from its April 26th release date. It’s a PS4 exclusive that first excited fans when it debuted at E3 2016. The game features hordes of zombies unlike any game we have seen before. Watching footage is reminiscent of classic zombie media such as World War Z where the zombies are fast, plentiful, and desperate. In fact the zombies in Days Gone take on a slightly liquid form when they are in their masses, pouring over walls and shambling around obstacles.

Unfortunately throughout development Days Gone was hit with some delays that caused concern for the final product. Thankfully we got to actually play a demo of the thing at PAX AUS 2018, so we can say firsthand that things seem to be looking positive. With a focus on survival and making smart decisions, Days Gone could be a decently fun affair.


Death Stranding

Death Stranding is the peculiar and mysterious title that has been baffling gamers ever since it was first revealed. The game comes from the peculiar mind of Hideo Kojima, known for the Metal Gear Solid franchise and the P.T. demo amongst many other projects. Death Stranding is also a game that features many well known actors including Norman Reedus in the starring role.

We’ve seen quite a bit of footage for this upcoming project, but that doesn’t make things any more clear. Death Stranding is the big gaming mystery at the moment, with every new trailer raising more questions that it answers. The game seems to involve otherworldly horrors, fetuses, and couriering. If that sounds confusing, welcome to the party. Regardless it will be exciting to see what the mind of Hideo Kojima is able to produce when he is given all the resources he requires and is allowed to go wild.



Dreams is the next project from Media Molecule, the team behind Little Big Planet. There’s similarities between Little Big Planet and their new project, however it looks like they are turning the creativity dial up to 11. The whole idea behind Dreams is that anything you can dream of can be created within the game. It’s merely up to your imagination as to what you can achieve and create. Think of the game as a big tool for development, something that allows you to create, share and play.

It’s fascinating to see the kind of content already being generated by Dreams. This includes a live concert, recreating the P.T. demo, and so much more. Possibilities truly seem limitless here, although I supposed we will have to wait and see. It’s difficult not to be excited by Dreams and the possibilities that come with its release.


Ghost of Tsushima

We first saw Ghost of Tsushima at Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference in 2017. We then got a deeper look at E3 2018 and to say we were blown away would be an understatement. The game is staggeringly beautiful, with certain scenes looking like art in motion. It’s also a game by Sucker Punch, known previously for the Infamous series. So there’s certainly some pedigree behind this development team.

Ghost of Tsushima is set in Feudal Japan. It’s an action adventure title with a big open world for players to explore by horse or by foot. Players will traverse the land, pick up quests, get into duels with non-player characters, and take foes down through stealthy means. The game looks exciting and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.


The Last of Us Part II

There aren’t many games that can generate as much anticipation and as much hype as The Last of Us Part II. This feels like a game that needs no introduction. It’s developed by Naughty Dog who have been setting the pace for narrative driven adventure games ever since they begun the Uncharted series. The Last of Us was also a powerhouse of a game, delivering emotional stories, fantastic dialogue, and powerful voice acting. Now that the sequel is approaching, it’s difficult to hold back the excitement.

The Last of Us Part II will follow on from the events of the first game. Joel and Ellie are back but they are older and more battle-hardened. Ellie in particular seems more mature and bad-ass, and she will make for an amazing protagonist. We’ve already seen gameplay for The Last of US Part II and whilst the snippet we got to see was heavily scripted, it still looked incredible. We simply can’t wait to jump back into that world and those characters and relive the beauty and horror that comes with The Last of US.


Nioh 2

Nioh was a surprisingly delightful release. It was heavily inspired by the Dark Souls series and managed to mimic the Souls gameplay and atmosphere very effectively. It scratched that itch and felt very good to play, with the slower, more methodical gameplay of Dark Souls being replaced by faster, twitchy action. The Japanese setting also played a big part in creating a point of difference which worked fantastically for the game, making it feel unique and engaging.

Now Nioh 2 is arriving and we couldn’t be happier. To see a worthy competitor in the Souls genre develop a returning franchise is a good thing, and it may even encourage From Software to continue to push the envelope. Nioh was always a whole lot of fun, it was also challenging! The fast gameplay, tight controls and interesting world made for a winning formula. If the sequel can maintain that formula then we will probably have another great game on the horizon.


Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 is a game that’s going to have a lot to prove when it launches in April this year for PC and PS4. The Shenmue series is 20 years old now, and fans of the franchise were so hungry for a new entry that they funded the game’s Kickstarter campaign, raising over $6,000,000. It’s a franchise that has some dedicated fans who will we incredibly excited to play the next iteration. For those less aware of Shenmue, the series features an open world that contains elements of role-playing, life simulation, brawling, minigames and more. Shenmue really was a pioneer for its time and amassed a cult following.

Shenmue 3 claims to be incorporating familiar yet modernised elements from the game’s predecessors. It’s looking to maintain the series’ focus on interactive storytelling and create an experience that is enjoyable for Shenmue veterans and newcomers alike. We know this game is going to be high on the priority list for fans of the series, so now all we have to do is wait and see if it can live up to the games that came before it.

With those 8 massive games still yet to release for PS4, you know Sony are going to have another big year in 2019. Which console exclusive are you most excited for? Perhaps it’s one that’s not even featured on this list such as the gorgeous indie title The Pathless or the Final Fantasy VII Remake that seems to be going through the deepest levels of development hell. For those looking to get your fix of upcoming games for other consoles, you can check out our feature on Switch games, Xbox One games, and even multi-platform games!