Free games for PS4, Xbox and PC subscribers in August

Posted on August 4, 2020

Here’s your list of free games for PS Plus, Xbox Live, Humble, Epic and Twitch subscribers for August 2020. A lot of us probably have more free time on our hands than we’re used to, so let’s dig in.

PlayStation Plus

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the beloved sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (no those numbers are not a typo) returns to current-gen consoles – or at least, its campaign does. If you’ve always wanted to know what the fuss with Call of Duty is, maybe check this out while it’s free.
  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
    The mini-game extravaganza where you duke it out in 60-player competitions. If you haven’t heard of this game before, that’s because it’s coming to PS Plus at launch! Checkpoint’s very own Luke recently took part in the game’s closed beta weekend. Free games aren’t usually brand new, so hopefully Fall Guys inspires more games to follow suit.

Xbox Games with Gold

  • Dunk Lords (available until August 15)
    If you’ve ever thought exaggerated violence was the only thing keeping basketball from being a premier sport, here’s the game for you! With 20 playable characters, there’s a good chance you’ll sow chaos on the court exactly how you want to.
  • Portal Knights (available until August 31)
    What if Minecraft was a medieval-inspired RPG? That extremely specific question is exactly what Portal Knights sets out to answer. With 4-player online co-op and 2-player splitscreen co-op, this seems like a good way to bond with whoever you’re locked down with.
  • MX Unleashed (available until August 15)
    Relive the good old bike racing days with MX Unleashed, originally released for the original Xbox. You can appreciate the game for a product of its time, or make fun of how modern games do bikes better. Either way, it’s an icebreaker.
Portal Knights
(Portal Knights)

Humble Choice

  • Vampyr
    From the folks who brought you Life Is Strange comes this 19th Century vampire simulator. With complex morality mechanics and detailed NPCs to talk to, this could be a game you could really sink your teeth into (Get it?). Check out our review here.

  • Hello Neighbor + Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek Collection
    The first Hello Neighbor didn’t fare too well when we reviewed it back in 2017. However, this edition of the game comes with its sequel too! If you’re into a horror game with a bright cartoony art style, maybe these are for you.

  • Wargroove

Wargroove is a turn-based strategy game inspired by the Advance Wars games of eld. You can read our review to find out more about it, but the fact that you can play as a dog is reason enough to give this a try.

  • Call of Cthulhu

More horror! Check out our review to find out if this is worth all your fresh free time. Fun fact, this was a free game on Xbox back in March.

  • Little Big Workshop
    Build and manage your own workshop, and make stuff in it. It’s a bit like Animal Crossing, but with trucks and overalls.

  • Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition
    Explore, survive and scavenge in the depths of space. According to our review, the game is a great creativity outlet, but maybe not the best first-person shooter. This Deluxe Edition features additional DLC, as well as an artbook and soundtrack.

  • Automachef
    A puzzle game requiring you to use futuristic conveyor belts and machines to build the most efficient kitchen possible. A year ago, this was a free game on Twitch, which makes me feel old.

  • Through the Darkest of Times
    A self-described “historical resistance strategy game”, you play as a group of rebels amidst Hitler’s rise to power in 1930s Germany. Learning from history might be useful in times like these.

  • American Fugitive
    An action-adventure-sandbox similar to the original, top-down GTA games. Play as an escaped convict trying to clear his name by stealing a bunch of cars, apparently. There are different playable characters, including a corrupt cop. Yay.

  • The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters
    Side-scrolling horror game with a comic book art style. You are a teenage girl exploring a dark town, hiding to avoid the gaze of a creepy monster with long, dark hair. It’s a well-tread horror premise, but the art style alone sets it apart from the rest.

  • We Were Here Together
    A first person co-op only puzzle game. You and your partner are separated, and must rely on actually speaking to each other in real life to solve the challenges together. An intriguing concept for a puzzle game, especially for the co-op fan who wrote this article.

  • A Case of Distrust
    Point-and-click detective game taking place in 1920s San Francisco. The game’s stunning minimalist art style and bopping period-perfect soundtrack are great incentives to try it out. Bopping was a word in the 20s, right?

Epic Games

  • 20XX (available until August 7)
    If a cursory glance at 20XX reminds you of Mega Man, that’s because it’s supposed to. It’s the best parts of Mega Man, but with procedurally generated levels, bosses and powerups. No playthrough is the same, so the game technically never ends. A neverending game to fill up the rest of this neverending year.
  • Barony (available until August 7)
    Another procedurally generated take on classic genres, Barony is CRPG akin to games like Ultima and System Shock. Get your friends to delve those first-person dungeons with you in online multiplayer.
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (available until August 7)
    A musical action-adventure game with a stunning art style. You’ve probably either heard of or played Superbrothers before; in the off chance you haven’t, you might as well grab it while it’s on the free games pile.
  • Wilmot’s Warehouse (available August 7 – August 14)
    You need to organise colourful squares in a warehouse, and stack them in the right order when you need to deliver them. It’s like Tetris, but with more stakes and cultural commentary.
Wilmot's Warehouse
(Wilmot’s Warehouse)

Twitch Games with Prime

  • Vane (available until August 8)
    Adventure game in which you play a person who can turn into a bird. Fly across beautiful landscapes and solve puzzles across dystopian ruins.
  • Dungeon Rushers (available until August 15)
    A quaint dungeon-delving RPG with turn-based battles, multiple characters, and hours of playtime. Explore dungeons like a board game, not knowing what you’ll encounter in a room until you go in. Plus, with skill trees and a crafting system, this could be a real tooth sinker. Or even multiple teeth.
  • NeuroVoider (available until August 22)
    Twin stick roguelite with lots and lots of guns, and multiple classes to play as. I originally thought this game was called NeuroVolder, and thought it was about a psychic Dutch philosopher. It’s not, but it still looks great!
  • Dead in Vinland (available until August 29)
    A punishing survival RPG in which you play a family stranded in an unfamiliar island, forced to scavenge for supplies. If Animal Crossing fatigue’s got you down, this might be a good next step.
  • In addition to some of the games we mentioned last month!

And those are the free games for August! Which are you most excited for? Which game do you wish was on this list? Have fun with these and whatever else you’re playing at the moment, and stay safe.