LudoNarraCon: convention line-up announced by Fellow Traveller

Posted on April 24, 2019

Last week Australian indie publishing label Fellow Traveller announced the line-up for its first ever LudoNarraCon event. Created and organised by Fellow Traveller, LudoNarraCon will be a fully digital convention celebrating narrative video games. The convention will take place entirely online through Steam from the 10th until the 13th of May 2019.

Convention attendees will be able to access demo content, discussion panels, exhibitions, and behind-the-scenes gaming content through a dedicated LudoNarraCon Steam event page and through the individual Steam store pages for exhibited titles. According to the LudoNarraCon website, any convention events will be live-streamed as they happen.

Afterwards, the footage will be played on a loop on the LudoNarraCon Steam page, allowing attendees to ‘attend’ events from the comfort of their own home whenever it suits them best.


More than twenty game titles will be exhibited in the inaugural convention. Fellow Traveller will exhibit several games published under its  own label in addition to games from other labels. Currently the line-up includes the following titles:

According to the LudoNarraCon website more titles will be announced closer to the convention’s launch. In addition to dedicated LudoNarraCon streams, Fellow Traveller has also confirmed that there will be a dedicated Steam sale between the 10th and 13th of May to coincide with the convention. In total, more than forty titles will be discounted during the three-day convention, which will be a great way for attendees to try out the games on show.

We’re excited to see what this convention will bring and look forward to learning more about the exhibited games and the studios that developed them!

Keen to know more about LudoNarraCon, or keen to register? Check for more information.