Free games for PS4, Xbox, and PC subscribers in December

Posted on December 2, 2019

Today we present the free games for PS Plus, Xbox Gold, Humble Monthly, Twitch Prime and Epic Games subscribers for the month of December. Bid farewell to the month, the year, the decade, and all the free time you have left in them.

PlayStation Plus

  • Titanfall 2
    The shooter than deftly combines mechsuits and parkour. According to our review, this sequel brings an entertaining single-player campaign, a full-featured multiplayer mode, and *check notes* time travel.
  • Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 2
    A very long title for a game about lots of bikes racing each other at once. It doesn’t have a plethora of game modes or customisation options to offer. But if you want a game about lots of bikes racing each other at once, this is the game for you. Check out our review for more info.

Xbox Games with Gold

Xbox One

  • The Final Station (available November 16 – December 15)
    Manage a train at the end of the world in this side scrolling shooter. Rescue survivors and fight baddies with a variety of weapons, then look after your people and make sure you get to that next stop. Here’s a trailer.
  • Insane Robots (available December 1 – December 31)
    A card battle game in which you go up against opponents on a procedurally generated hexagonal level, but battles are one-on-one affairs. Kind of like Fire Emblem, but with cards, and robots, and sass. Check out the trailer here.


Xbox 360

  • Toy Story 3 (available December 1 – December 15)
    The 2010 platformer based on the best Toy Story film (please don’t @ me). This would be a good choice if you’d like to explore the world of the films as Woody and Buzz directly, and not some dude with a big key.

Humble Monthly

  • Yakuza Kiwami
    The remake of the game that spawned five sequels and a well-reviewed prequel. See where the over-the-top underworld soap opera began, now in HD. Out of all the free games in this article, this might just have the most muscular crying dudes.
  • Soulcalibur VI
    The newest entry in the long-running fighting game series. If you’re a fan of the series, our review says you might get a kick out of the plot. There’s two different playable timelines in the campaign, one of which you play as a custom character.
  • My Time at Portia
    A life sim in the vein of Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. As long as you can get over the learning curve, this is a game you could get sucked in for hours, or so our review says.
  • More games to be revealed December 6


Yakuza Kiwami

Epic Games

  • Rayman Legends (available until December 7)
    Originally released in 2013, Rayman Legends still holds up. Tight, fun, addictive platforming in a vibrant art style. Tons of inventive levels to master, and secrets to find. Free games don’t come much better than this. Check out the trailer if you want to know more.
  • Jotun Valhalla Edition (available December 6 – December 13)
    An action game in which you explore the lands of Norse Mythology. The trailer shows off its impressive sense of scale. Comes with Valhalla Mode, a boss rush which you can unlock after completing the main game.

Twitch Prime

  • Double Cross
    A sidescrolling platformer where you explore multiple parallel dimensions. We weren’t thrilled about the combat in our review, but we enjoyed the platforming puzzles. Check it out if you’re interested.
  • Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition
    The remastered port of a very fun action platformer. You play Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Travel through various fantasy worlds, trawl through fantasy dungeons, and bash some skulls in with a big fantasy hammer. Here’s a trailer.
  • Planet Alpha
    A fast-paced platformer in which you have to control the time of day to solve puzzles and survive on a dangerous alien planet. The trailer looks sick, if I’m honest.
  • Sword Legacy: Omen
    A grim RPG, retelling the tale of King Arthur with a turn-based battle system. The trailer describes the world design as “candlepunk”, which is an adorable word I’d like to see used in more games.
  • Turmoil
    Play as a 19th century oil baron. The pun in the title should be enough reason to get this game, but here’s a trailer if you need more incentive.



And that’s 2019 done and dusted! Which of these games are you most excited for? Which free game from 2019 was your favourite? What free games would you like 2020 to bring? Let us know!