The Tiny Teams Festival has launched on Steam

Posted on August 10, 2020

In a celebration of tiny game studios and the amazing games they create, Steam is hosting a new festival called the Tiny Teams Festival. The festival has just commenced and will run until August 15th. It was the brainchild of gaming video creation group The Yogcast and is set to offer discounts and boost awareness for some phenomenal games made by micro development teams that can consist of as little as 1 person.

The festival is an amazing innitiative and a real celebration of what a small team is able to create. Gamers will instantly recognise some classic indie titles such as Stardew Valley or Hollow Knight amongst the mix of other games made by tiny studios. But there’s a whole plethora of lesser known titles as well that are absolutely worth your consideration.

Tiny Teams Festival banner

Game demos are even available for select titles including yet to be released and newly released games. I can personally vouch for a handful of the games on offer as demos after experiencing these titles myself. Metal Heads is a hugely fun party game with a bunch of crazy minigames on offer and a title I couldn’t stop playing when I experienced it at PAX Australia last year – the Metal Heads game demo is absolutely worth checking out. Wayward Strand is another locally developed title I was able to play at PAX Australia and the game offers a quaint and inquisitive narrative experience – you can find the game’s demo here.

2020 release In Other Waters also has a game demo available which is well worth the experience! Other recently released games such as HyperParasite and Resolutiion can also be found highlighted within the Tiny Teams Festival. Check out the HyperParasite game demo and the Resolutiion game demo if you want to see more of these titles.

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Of course there are plenty more games worth checking out. Not every game has a demo available but there are heaps of discounts on really superb games made by micro teams. The Stillness of the Wind, Ape Out, Slay the Spire, and Return of the Obra Dinn are amongst many other wonderful releases.

What tiny game are you most excited to check out?