PlayStation Store has a bunch of great Black Friday deals

Posted on November 26, 2021

Black Friday is now firmly cemented as an Aussie tradition, what was purely an American event has spread across to our shores with all manner of outlets now partaking in Black Friday sales. Sony’s Playstation Store has released its offerings for this event, with some truly stellar titles discounted. A perfect way to stock up on some games you may have overlooked to spend some quality time with over the Christmas break.

Below are a few of our favourite selections all linked to our helpful reviews if you want to see what we thought, but you can view the full list of titles on sale during Black Friday here:


Guardians for sony playstation


last of us for sony playstation
My personal picks to get during Black Friday would be DEATHLOOP at an insane discount, granted it still has some odd bugs but the gameplay is top-notch, and the evolving way you gather information to take down all 8 visionaries is immensely fun. Guardians of the Galaxy has a riot of a campaign if you just want a straightforward single-player experience, the combat is fun but can become a bit dull with extended sessions, though the story and character interactions more than make up for this.
There are also plenty of older titles on sale that you may have missed such as the divisive The Last of Us Part 2 and the always-excellent Red Dead Redemption II.
These offers end on the 30th of November, so go grab yourself a Black Friday bargain from Sony’s PlayStation Store in the comfort of your own home, download and install, then let the good times begin. Do any of the titles on sale pique your interest? Let us know in the comments below.