Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is reportedly releasing this financial year

Posted on May 9, 2024

Electronic Arts has unveiled its slate of game releases for this financial year ending in March 2025. While there are some predictable announcement, one notable confirmation is that BioWare’s eternally-delayed RPG Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will be releasing during this period. This means that, barring some sorts of additional delays, it should be released sometime in the next ten months.

As reported by Eurogamer Editor-in-Chief Tom Phillips, EA has confirmed that in addition to its usual sports titles, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, along with another as yet unannounced game, will release this financial year. The other game is reportedly a “Partner title“, that being a game where EA is acting as a publisher but not developing it in-house. This unnamed partner title is set to release in the financial year’s fourth quarter, which means anytime between the 1st of  January and 31st of March 2025.

The actual release of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in the coming months would be welcome, if somewhat surprising. BioWare and EA have been teasing its development since at least 2018, with the game’s title only confirmed in mid-2022. Details of the upcoming game have been quite scant, with the developer drip-feeding insubstantial teases and confirmations of the game’s setting, if not plot details, over the years. The game also reportedly pivoted from an online multiplayer-focused live-service title to a more traditional single-player RPG, possibly due to the failure of Anthem. Throughout this development process, key development figures, such as the game’s Senior Creative Director and Lead Producer, have left BioWare. Unlike the other unannounced project, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has not received a release window.

According to Eurogamer’s report, it is understood that we can expect a full reveal of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in the Australian Winter. This will hopefully provide gameplay footage, a more detailed release window and putting certain rumours to rest, such as suggestions of a more action-focused combat system versus the previous games’ tactical real-time-with-pause RPG gameplay. Whatever the case, unless there are any last-minute delays, the long-awaited fourth Dragon Age game is seemingly close at hand; we will have to wait and see if it will be worth the wait.