April 2016

LGBT Representation

Welcome to the all new and improved Checkpoint! Critical Hit is no more, as the team go back to a very important topic, discussing LGBT representation in video games! There has been a recent controversy regarding the inclusion of a transgender character in the recent Baldur’s Gate expansion, Siege of…

March 2016

Is PC still the “Master Race”?

This week on the show, Luke, Meags, Archer and Tom are on board to discuss whether or not PC gaming is still considered “The Master Race”… or not! PC gamers often refer to themselves as this due to the better upgrade-able hardware capabilities that consoles just can’t live up to,…


This week on the show, Archer and Tom, with special guest Joel, put their detective hats on with a show all about mystery, detective and crime investigation games! Sherlock Holmes? Agatha Christie? Carmen Sandiego? Everybody loves playing detective, so the boys take you through some of their favourites and talk about…

February 2016