November 2016

Hustle Kings VR

The game of pool was never really a concept I understood as a video game. I mean, I love going to pool halls in real life or playing the odd… read on


Here They Lie

Here they Lie is a full length psychological horror experience developed for PlayStation VR. Well crafted, especially for the first game of its type that I have longed to play… read on


PlayStation VR Worlds

With any new technology, along with it comes a game that is, more than anything else, a show-off piece. The PlayStation VR is still something that consumers are learning more… read on


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

From the moment I started watching the Dragon Ball cartoons as a teen I was hooked. The world of Goku, Vegeta, Frieza and their epic battles had me glued to… read on


EVE: Valkyrie

My first VR title and a great introduction to what VR can do. The conceptĀ of space that my imagination has been able generate for over a decade of gaming has… read on


Dishonored 2

A new adventure in the dark world of Dunwall and beyond, Dishonored 2 cements Arkane Studio's ability to perfect choice in gaming style as second to none. Whether through espionage… read on


World of Final Fantasy

A refreshing and surprising take on Final Fantasy, both new and classic at the same time. Fans both old and new will enjoy this beautiful game. World of Final Fantasy… read on


Mario Party: Star Rush

Mario Party has come a long way since its origins, to the point where old school fans may barely recognise the franchise in its current form. read on