May 2016

Ratchet & Clank

Are you looking for adventure? Treasure? Space fights? Cheesy well executed one liner jokes and cute but fierce lead characters? Well Then! The brand spanking new Ratchet & Clank game… read on

April 2016

DiRT Rally

Meags learns the hard way that rally driving is dirty business in DiRT Rally. read on


Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero has been anticipated by many for a long time. A beloved franchise that really found its popularity on the Nintendo 64, this version is designed to modernize… read on


Rainbow Moon

An indie RPG that started as a Vita title and has then made it's way to the PS3 and now PS4, it features old school sensibilities and is reminiscent of… read on


Hyrule Warriors Legends

Porting the action-packed Hyrule Warriors from the Wii U to the handheld 3DS may have you wondering if they can fit so many enemies on such small screens, but the… read on

Dark Souls 3

If you'd have said to me last month “Hey Luke, do you want to spend the majority of your time for the next two weeks dying over and over and… read on

Quantum Break

Remedy has tried to do something completely new with Quantum Break. It's an experiment  in narrative game design that we are seeing for the first time, it is an experience… read on



Meags gets all stealthy-stealthy without the stabby-stabby in République. read on